Act or React — Investigating Proactive Strategies For Online Community Moderation

We study Reddit for online community evolution, impact of community participation on user behavior and effectiveness of community moderation

Android Repackaging Analysis

Measurement study on the prevalence of repackaged and malicious apps on major Chinese apps stores and communities for cracked apps.

Provenance Malware Detection — Detecting malicious activity using provenance graphs

We summarize provenance graphs created using SPADE and use template matching for malware detection


This research project aims to design a model that reconstructs the missing video frames from a video using audio reinforcement and motion vectors.



We use computer vision and machine learning to detect traffic demographic and individual attributes to provide better impressions to advertisement agencies and customized experienced to viewers


We track traffic using low quality cameras and generate real time analytics such as counts, congestion scores and traffic speeds

Digital Salon

We integrate salons with smart tools aiding them to increase sales and significantly improve a user experience. We use computer vision and generative models to provide clients with style and treatment recommendation such as hair color, hair style, hair length, facial, makeup, acne treatment etc

Football Analytica

Real time soccer analytics and stats generation from live camera stream using computer vision techniques.

Pet Projects


A search engine for Windows with an intuitive GUI that uses approximate search algorithms to instantly find files folders.


A Raspberry Pi bot that automates day to day routine such as downloading media, reminders, calendar management, internet searches, home surveillance.